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Request PAUSE account public Apply for a PAUSE account.
Forgot Password? public A passwordmailer that sends you a password that enables you to set a new password.
About PAUSE public Same as modules/04pause.html on any CPAN server
PAUSE Operating Model public How the PAUSE admins run PAUSE
PAUSE Privacy Policy public Your rights as a user of PAUSE
On The Naming of Modules public A couple of suggestions that hopefully get you on track
PAUSE News public What's going on on PAUSE
PAUSE History public Old News
Imprint/Impressum public N/A
List of pumpkins public A list, also available as YAML
List of admins public A list, also available as YAML
Upload a file to CPAN user This is the heart of the Upload Server, the page most heavily used on PAUSE.
Show my files user find . -ls resemblance
Repair a Pending Upload user When an upload you requested hangs for some reason, you can go here and edit the file to be uploaded.
Delete Files user Schedule files for deletion. There is a delay until the deletion really happens. Until then you can also undelete files here.
View Permissions user Whose uploads of what are being indexed on PAUSE
Transfer Primary Permissions user Transfer distribution's primary maintainership status to somebody else (you become co-maintainer).
Put Up My Distribution(s) For Adoption user Give up distribution's primary maintainership status (abandoning it without transfering it to someone else).
Add Comaintainers user Make somebody else co-maintainer of a distribution.
Remove Comaintainers user Remove a distribution's co-maintainer.
Give up co-maintainership status user Give up distribution's co-maintainership status.
Change Permissions per module user Enable other users to upload a module for any of your namespaces, manage your own permissions.
Reset Version user Overrule the record of the current version number of a module that the indexer uses and set it to 'undef'
Force Reindexing user Tell the indexer to index a file again (e.g. after a change in the perms table)
Tail Daemon Logfile user N/A
Edit Account Info user Edit your user name, your email addresses (both public and secret one), change the URL of your homepage.
Change Password user Change your password any time you want.
About Logging Out user N/A
Select Mailinglist/Action mlrepr Representatives of mailing lists have their special menu here.
Show Mailinglist Reps mlrepr Admins and the representatives themselves can lookup who is elected to be representative of a mailing list.
Add a User or Mailinglist admin Admins can add users or mailinglists.
Look up the forward email address admin Admins can look where email should go
Manage a registration request (alpha) admin show/reject open registration requests
Edit a Mailinglist admin Admins and mailing list representatives can change the name, address and description of a mailing list.
Select User/Action admin Admins can access PAUSE as-if they were somebody else. Here they select a user/action pair.