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  • During the Perl Toolchain Summit in Lisbon, we rebuilt build a new PAUSE server, using a new repeatable install procedure. This gives us more space and a newer everything (including perl version). More importantly, the new build process means that future reinstalls should be much easier. It also means that building a full secondary install of PAUSE for testing is very easy, meaning that PAUSE development should be much simpler.
  • During QA Hackathon in Berlin (#perlqah2015), Kenichi Ishigaki plackified pause. The result is reachable at for testing. We will start to make it the default in the next days, depending on reports coming in. First positive report of a working upload script came from Slaven Rezić:
        cpan-upload Image-Info-1.38.tar.gz
  • The registered modules list is being retired. The module list (aka stored a curated list of modules with some metadata. It has been superseded by metadata stored in the META.json file. Module registration once provided a means to get feedback before uploading a new distribution. This advice can now be gotten at PrePAN. The module list will cease to contain any module data on or about April 1, 2014.
  • Pause has been moved to Thanks to the help from Ask and Robert we found a new home for the server. At this point I'd like to thank the generous folks at for their great support over nine years. There was really no reason to leave the cosy place but that I felt it would be time to bring the box to a new continent. And closer to the home of perl. Thank you, both old and new hosts.
  • User-visible change: ftp has been banned.
  • Jesse Vincent sends us a valid five-year SSL certificate from RapidSSL. This resolves a long standing misbehaviour of some versions of the Google Chrome Browser that made it hard for the end user to disable the warning Chrome gives if a security certificate is not trusted. Thank you, Jesse.
  • RJBS and DAGOLDEN meet for a hackathon leading to a huge pile of commits. Today the result is deployed to the live pause, the first upload after the switch was ADAMK/FBP-Perl-0.61.tar.gz. Well done!
  • As of today pause is running also on port This is running with perl 5.12.0-RC5. If this survives the next few days we'll make it the dafault.
  • At the Vienna QA Hackathon we're discussing some old hats that seem to be cast in stone forever and one is the notification email that is sent immediately after every upload request. We'll stop sending these because they seem to be irrelevant nowadays: in practice every upload succeeds and the user gets the information about success only one minute later or so. So expect from now on only one email per developer upload and two emails for stable uploads.
  • Pause gets a new IP address. First I forgot that there was the old IP address hardcoded in the bind-address variable in my.cnf. This caused mysql not to start. What's worse, after that I didn't notice that DNS was not working. This allowed uploads to take place but they all hung during the first step that required DNS and this prevented all uploads to succeed. Fortunately they were not dropped but just in a retry loop. As soon as the DNS problem was fixed, the jam dissolved. So all Friday uploads got a considerable delay, I'm sorry for that.
  • Thanks to RJOOP, Pause gets a CAcert certificate.
  • Upgrade perl to 5.10.0. It has run for several days on 5.10.0-RC2 just fine. A fallback to the old perl will run on the ports 8443 for https and 8000 for http for a short while.
  • Upgrade mysql from 4.0.24-10sarge2 to 5.0.32-7etch1. No, it went not as smoothly as it should, PAUSE was down for about two and a half hours.
  • The least intuitive Change Permissions page got a couple of scrolling lists added today to hopefully make it easier for authors to manage their permissions.
  • The pause daemon starts to trigger an indexer run during the upload process with the effect that indexer reports are sent within a few minutes after upload instead of once per hour.
  • new hardware: Photo by Wolfram Schneider
    Photo by Wolfram Schneider
    CPU speed      x 4
    number of CPUs x 2
    memory         x 8
    disk space     x 8
    disk speed     x 2.5

    Thanks to our generous sponsors at fiz-chemie, we have new hardware: Dual Pentium 3 GHz, 2 GB memory, and 3ware RAID should speed up the indexing and open lots of new opportunities to improve the quality of service.

    Lots of Thanks to Andreas, Gregor, Heike, Jürgen, Michael, Robert, and Wolfram.

  • Subversion repository finally switched to FSFS.
  • About 300 reindex runs have been scheduled to fix bug #16293 on
  • The indexer now has muchly improved multidot version support via And a new, pretty stupid page is added in SVN rev 677: 'Reset Version'.
  • Upgrade CPAN::Checksums to 1.039 which means from now we have SHA256 in the CHECKSUMS files (Thanks to Steve Peters for the patch to CPAN::Checksums).
  • Upgrade apache to 1.3.33, perl to 5.8.7.
  • Added support for the META.yml field provides.
  • PAUSE gets a new sponsor FIZ-Chemie and moves to their facilities at Franklinstraße.
  • The indexer now partially supports META.yml files. Currently the only keyword that gets interpreted is private. Others to follow as demand arises.
  • Welcome Debian! Thanks to RedHat, that has done a marvelous job over the years, but in the end it was just missing apt-get functionality. It was an amazing experience to install an OS remotely. Thanks to Erik Jacobson for writing up howto accomplish that.
  • Finally all software on PAUSE runs under 5.8.0.
  • The indexer starts to send messages to uploading authors about the indexing job, especially tells them the reason why something was not indexed.
  • PAUSE has a new sponsor, Loomes, who I'd like to thank for their generosity. I'd like to take the opportunity to also say a big Thank you to our old sponsor, Speedlink, which was hit by the economic downturn.
  • Running under perl 5.8.0 for a week without segfaults. Turning off the fallback-to-5.6.1-server on port 8443.
  • Upgrade to Linux 2.4.18.
  • Segfaults continue but are not yet reproducable. Until this is fixed, PAUSE will be running on four ports: 80 and 443 with a bleading edge perl and 8000 and 8443 with good old perl-5.6.1.
  • As the segfaults were in conjunction with a pipe to sendmail I decided to upgrade sendmail first and then I made a mistake during the upgrade and sendmail didn't work for the rest of the day. Seems to be fixed now. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by that.
  • Back to 5.6.1. Segfaults subject to further investigation.
  • mod_perl server runs 5.8.0-RC1, apache 1.3.24 and mod_perl 1.27. The other daemons and utilities are still running under perl-5.6.1.
  • Uploading to subdirectories implemented.
  • CSS-ification of the menus.
  • New Change Permissions feature to share control over uploading/indexing.
  • View Permissions now knows about three types of maintainership and displays them in a linked table.
  • mysql up to 2.23.49.
  • New menu items View Permissions and Force Reindexing.

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